[IMG: Hurricane Mitch approaching Honduras on 1998 October 26, 13:15 UT.; Credit: Dennis Chesters, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, Craig Mayhew, and Hal Pierce, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Mitch - Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

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Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:00:41 PST From: JOHN PASTORE (venture-out@mailexcite.com) Subject: RE: HURRICANE INFORMATION Patria Said: > HI JOHN, > I am writing out of concern for the conditions in your area and also > because I have been planning a trip to your part of the world. I got your > website and e-mail from Headlines news which I subscribe to on the web. I > am writing to send good energy, wishes and prayers to all in Central and > South American. I have visited your country several times and loved it each > time. > > I have been to Mexico City, and from there traveled to several other cities > and towns. I have traveled to the Cancun area three times. This time I plan > a tour starting at Cancun and going into Belize and Guatamala. The trip is > called The Mayan Adventure and we would be visiting many of the Ruins and > staying at local Cottages or guest houses. I was wondering how the beaches > would be fairing at this times and if it would be dangerous or not to go into > the water? How the Roads would be when traveling towards Belize from > QuintanaRoos. as we would be stopping at Merida on our way to Belize. > > I am interested in learning first hand what you think are the conditions > there and if a tour of this kind is adviceable at this time? I only know what > I see on television or read on the internet. I would be interested in hearing > from someone who is there and connected with the local travel industry. I > need an HONEST assessment and report, one that would help me make up my mind > as to whether I should make reservations or not. > > Thanks very much for your informative reports written during the Hurricane > crisis. I am sure many people are indebted to you for your invaluable > information at this very distressing time. And thanks for any information you > can e-mail on my concerns. You have a friend in New York State and one that > will want to meet you when and if I travel to Cancun during December 19 to > January 9th. I want so to go on this trip, but will only do so if the travel > and health conditions are condusive. > > Thanks again, in friendship and appreciation....Patria Perez > > > Hello Patria, This hurricane was more than just the event of the storm itself; it was an internet event too. Regarding your concerns for beach and road conditions in Yucatan and Northern Quintana Roo, which is presently the extent (and not a politcal one) of my reach for information here, is that all is well here. Mitch simply, and very thankfully, did not materialize here. Regarding beach and road conditions in Belize, I honestly cannot tell you, nor can I honestly advize as to the related reports which had emanated from Belize. I do think, that from the beginning (including Belize) the best heard distress communiques to the internet came from those who were themselves under stress. It was however, at least to me, evident that the best heard were also in the peculiar situation of, not only having internet connections, but obviously able to maintain their connections which are very sensitive to even the mildest fluctuations of weather, much less weather rough enough to collapse the necessary phone lines. Nor did it appear that communication centers were included in the shut-downs of whatever might have housed i-net cafes as had occurred here in Cancun. This is not to downplay their stress experienced. The ominous weather and the gloomy news of what had been Mitch's projected trajectory for Cancun was, in itself, cause for plenty of stress even here in Cancun -though, if Mitch had turned north, it would still have been two to three days before Mitch's full force could have arrived. Although, after Mitch's passing Belize, the suddeness of the sale's pitches emanating from there were, as I had said earlier, "unnerving;" as also was the automated marketing message immeadiately sent via the internet to 'email address lists previously compiled' (each of which drew 'spam' flags by mail programs set for such). I, nevertheless, can not bring myself to believe, that such would have been said, and done, if traveling conditions there is, or will be, difficult or hazardous to anyone's health. If it were, such tatics would end up being quite uncivilized -which the Belizians, though having been very justifiably spooked, are 'definitely' not. Regarding road and health conditions there, I do believe you can have full confidence in their reports. Looking forward to your visit, John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com venture_out@xoommail.com http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Cabana/4465 http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out For Road & Site Inquiries & Advisories: http://boardhost.com/boards/Venture_Out/
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 09:24:41 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture_out@xoommail.com) I have just completed setting up a message board at: http://boardhost.com/boards/Venture_Out/ for the posting of travel advisories and site conditions in El Mayab, and particularly those communities and sites stricken by Hurricane Mitch. I do hope that the board will be of service in helping make known what the archaeologists, anthropologists, and ecologists of the region may know and need to intercommunicate. If you may be limited by email only or time, if you wish to cc pertinent info, I will be glad to post the info with your sigs and return email addresses. If so, please, do indicate to me if you wish to be posted on replies to individual posts so sent. The board is accessible by the general public, including travel agents and would-be travelers; and will be registered with search engines and linked to news sites. Thanks, John Pastore Venture-Out Cancun El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture_out@xoommail.com venture-out@mailexcite.com http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Cabana http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 11:52:34 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: RE: Cancun Tourists Kevin_Holland@aismail.wustl.edu Said: Hello John, I'm very grateful for your transmissions through the "mitch crisis". Back in the states, the elections are the top news stories, then the devastation of Mitch. I was wondering if the tourists have returned to Cancun? And what is the mood there with the massive death counts just a few hours away? John replies: Hello Kevin, You caught me waiting on another post related to what you are asking about to be posted, and working on still another. Very quickly, tourists are arriving to Cancun. The sun 'is' shining, and instinct tells be there should be some nice clear days ahead. How the tourists regard the aftermath of Mitch as it is so far south of us is difficult to tell. Everyone has their own reactions to tragedy, and I'm not one to be either an inquisitor or judge; though I am a bit unnerved when: what did that guy say? The one who was already making his sale's pitch before obviously emptying the water from his galoshes? The tourists who are arriving can be best characterized by honeymooners -persons who had unalteralble plans, but also, persons who will always associate the greater events in their lives to sadder events in others. It is still human, and humanizing I think. Though the locals listen to the radio reports at night and carry on during the day as if nothing is occurring, they are very well aware that they could have been the victims. Churches have been full here for example. I think many of them must identify heavily with the people like themselves, poor and even in the midst of an irresistable disaster, who were so neglected as the fishermen in Honduras. It is sobering, and not only for the poor. The Mexican Navy will be taking supplies to Nicaragua. It will be, I believe not the first or only relief, Mexico will make. I'm sure Mexico's citizens are very proud, and even more so thankful, that they can be of every help they can. Hope that helps for the moment... Kevin_Holland@aismail.wustl.edu Said: Hello John, I'm very grateful for your transmissions through the "mitch crisis". Back in the states, the elections are the top news stories, then the devastation of Mitch. I was wondering if the tourists have returned to Cancun? And what is the mood there with the massive death counts just a few hours away?
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 06:31:38 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: Relief Update - Good News from the Home Front Hello All, The Mexican Navy will be sending relief to Nicaragua. I do not yet have either the routing or scheduling info yet. The Nicaraguans are saying that they especially need blankets and medecine. Also, it should have occurred to me in yesterday's message (I'm I beginning to sound like Ann Lander's?), that many of the Central Amercian airlines concentrate their stateside operations in New Orleans -from where maybe a bit of musical cheer can also spread. Al, Pete, Wynton? Later,... John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com venture-out@xoommail.com http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Cabana/4465
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 15:21:11 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: Relief Update Hello All, I guess some things won't let you go. :-) After this message I had to insert a comment: From: "Blue Ridge Reservations-Sally Read" (blueridge@rockbridge.net) Subject: Emergency Relief Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 14:08:44 -0500 Kudos to you!! My boss is on vacation in Cancun, which she almost cancelled due to the likes of Mitch. In trying to find out what's going on down there, I checked out your spot thru USA Today. You validated my thinking - how can anyone enjoy a vacation anywhere on that small continent with the death and destruction that is only a few hours away. I would like to be one of those you referred to who visited your weather site and send a care package and also would like to challenge everyone else that stops in to do the same. One small box of groceries from each of us could go a long ways. What I want to know is where do I (we) send it. Keep up the good work and the light side - Bless You Sally Read blueridge@rockbridge.net Sally and All, Call your local travel agents to find out which commercial airlines have been servicing the areas you wish to send packages. When known, call one and ask them to where they will accept a package addressed. When an area is in distress, and when more than one ariline services the same destination, they often let only one actually get into and out of the airports (when determined by their pilots to be safe) while the other airline or airlines either back them up or share the final expenses. Almost certainly they already have set up hangars for such goods -probably in Miami. If the airline which does service the area you happen to call cannot supply such an address. Tell the person you want to talk to their boss. Get the name of the person telling you, and spell their name aloud to them very slowly. If their boss says the same. Repeat the process. I doubt you will have to either do it, or, at least, have to go far doing it. Pilots are a wiley lot, and I wish them well in what many of them are already doing. Take care, John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com venture-out@xoommail.com Venture-Out = http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Hurricane Mitch Relief. More can be found on the Honduras-page The Caribbean Red Cross Societies also has a website. -Gert Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 13:57:05 -0800 From: Hubert Smith via John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: Relief Update When calling the Red Cross I was given several choices. Choice #3 off the menu was for the "International Response Fund." By choosing #4 I got a person who offered, in addition to that, the "Caribbean Crisis Relief Fund" which targets the islands as well as mainland areas for the two most-recent hurricanes. If you wish to target your response most closely you may wish to select the "Caribbean" fund. The number is (800) 257-7575. Hubert Smith Yucatec Maya Project P.O. Box 150 Selma, OR 97538 (541) 597-2142 brewboy@cdsnet.net hsmith@cdsnet.net
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 20:36:10 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: RE: RE: Re: Cancun Mitch Update - Just Reminicing Hello Everyone, I have once again been able to get into my Xoommail account, and have individually responded to those posts regarding the weather and its prospects for Cancun which were there. The new and stored emails there regarding prospective Cancun arrivals, including yesterday's and this weeks, will be sorted out tommorrow. Just as the threat of Hurricane Mitch to Cancun, and Quintana Roo's coast, took several days to subside, so did the arrival and impact of the emails (though the problem with the Xoommail account's sudden, and intermittent, inaccessibilty was unrelated). The fact is however that the email has subsided to the point that, for Cancun and Quintana Roo, the hurricane, which very thankfully never materialized here, is over. And (excepting for whatever more I might be able to do offering leads for boats limping in from sea), if there were even the resemblance here of efforts being made by the very industry which makes me, here, renegade, to help make relief, I would still not be able to take part and continue, as among those emails there today, from home, is what is developing into what is not very good news for me. I will however attend to what little relief I can do and what others might wish to consider. Just as big promises made in the heat of the moment can evaporate as quickly as the promises made by people boarding a plane for vacation, so can people's charity. And what a great shame it is for people to abandon their charity only for having promised so much. Do you realize, if each and every one of the over 45,000 visitors to only one weather site on only one single day had, then and there, put a little package together for mail, what charity that would have been, and still can be? And not necessarily bound for just the resorts? The first thing I did when the news was at its worse for Cancun was put a make a tote bag into a portable survival package for myself. Tommarrow, it will be on its way, by bus, south. Regarding the lingering concern for the 8,000 or so construction workers who had been abandoned at Playa del Carmen (including eye-witness accounts, by tourists evacuating Cozumel, and their question: "Why?"), I do not consider this weather site, or any weather site, an appropriate forum to make such answer. Instead allow me to refer you to the maillist ANTHRO-L which is an open academic group. I will publish the subscription addresses and proceedure here tommorrow. It will be in there where I will be. But do be prepared for some necessarily obtuse language. Meantime, however, I can personally assure you that those Maya are not now in such dire distress. I remain looking forward to meeting those who are to visit, and to all: its really been a priviledge. Ci@ for now, John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com venture-out@xoommail.com Venture-Out = http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 13:04:13 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: RE: Re: Cancun Xoommail Update Hello Everyone, A bit oblivious, midnight last night, I was finally aswung in my hammock, when, of a sudden, I noticed some 50 trillion decibles of music was piling through my window... (They will stack speakers two stories high here): "Aplauso! Aplauso!" -stoked the disk-jocky. ("Oysh!" I thought to myself.) But, then came the "Queen for a Day" theme. "Aplauso! Aplauso!" -and it was loud. (Do you remember that first TV Prize Show?) And, then came Strauss' "Blue Danube". "Aplauso! Aplauso!" -and it was thunderous. (The girl's most ardent beau had -finally- got his chance to dance). And, then came "Manyanitas". "Aplauso! Aplauso!" -and it too was thunderous. (Its the sweetest birthday song there is). Then came "Cielito Lindo" "Beautiful [Little] Sky" (A sort of closing song -when the girl storms off from her mother's admonition that it is indeed the fiesta's end). "Una Vez Mas!" "Una Vez Mas!" "One More Time! One More Time! - from their windows, the whole neighborhood chants! Surprise! As the Mariachi's, here, appear with trumpets ablare. (As the girl prances back; and the Dad rolls his eyes upward -patting his wallet- as a line of 'all' the 'younger' sisters follow her lead). It's a "Sweet '15' Party". And I do hope Tegucigalpa -and all those towns- will soon hear those happy strains very soon. They will also need diversion, John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com Venture-Out = http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 11:14:09 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: N.W. Caribbean Craft Advise The following is a list of web pages where respective email addresses can be found: Ascension Bay Located on the Caribbean coast about midway between Cancun and Chetumal, Ascension Bay is a vast wilderness area where craft could have both sought refuge and still be unaccounted for. The above organization is comprised mostly of sport fishermen familiar with the area and with contacts in the area: http://www.reef.org/survey/geog-nav/5404.htm Puerto Aventuras Located on the Caribbean coast about midway between Ascension Bay and Cancun/Isla Mujeres, Puerto Aventuras has a large artificial marina. Though all communications are intact there, and were never threatened, the sailing community there have powerful short-wave radio devices and are most probably scanning their ranges. They might have leads at: http://www.puertoaventuras.com Xel-Ha Lagoon Though very unlikely, Xel-Ha does have a narrow inlet and a few others in the area where a craft could have found haven. They would certainly have been noticed however. Nevertheless (and be prepared to both write and read Spanish): http://mexico.travel.com/states/s23/133zzl.htm (note that last 'el' may be a 'one') For Isla Mujeres Located toward Cape Catoche (the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Pensinsula), on its Caribbean side, Isla offers one of the few refuges (if only refuge) for large sailing craft north of Puerto Adventuras. A second-hand report did say that there could be 10 to 15 boats which limped in during the past 4 days. Isla however has all of its communications (which were never threatened) intact. The fishermen and boatmen there would also be familiar with the possible haven of the Rio Manatee. Be prepared to have to write and read Spanish: http://mundancatravel.com For Cancun Cancun has a large lagoon adjacent leeward. Only craft able to pass under low bridges might have headed for it. Again, they would certainly have been noticed, and all communications here have been intact. Nevertheless, the following website lists most of Cancun's marinas; and they, like Puerto Aventuras, have powerful short-waves: http://www.novenet.com/mx/turismo For Holbox and the North Eastern Gulf Coast/Boletin Nortes Craft may have headed in this direction. Holbox has communications. There are however the Rios Lagartos and Colorodo which could offer haven. For leads, be prepared to read and write Spanish: http://www.cfe.gob.mx/geid/nortes ccisneros@cfe.gob.mx Ci@ for now, John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com Venture-Out = http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 19:22:11 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Subject: RE: Re: Cancun Mitch Update - Just Reminicing Tami: Keep your chin up. With a spirit as "burly" as yours, you might want to take a load of comic books and help start taking care of the kids. (You might also want to be a writer, I have saved your message in case you haven't). Tom: Don't worry. The horsebackriding trails here have always included surf -let's just hope there will be enough. Mr. Trueworth: Your morale-boosting concerns certainly equal your name. Iaas: When going anywhere with the Maya, you will no longer be going Dutch. Darren: Upon arrival to Punta Laguna, tell Serapio I said 'hola' (hello). Patsy: Do you sell brooms? Brenda: But what if he finds out you were using his email? Marty: A slice of NYC pizza would be wonderful. June: It could still turn out worse. There could instead be a next time. And you might instead be a June bride. Magic: Yeah man! I guess you've learned now what you could have expected. SBradley: You're in for no mean treat. Houghton: Can you bring a bottle of that malt you English use on Fish & Chips? Ksempf: Is that one word or two? Jana: Anything but cookies. David: Are the mayors of St. Pete still Grimaldis? DeFalco: If I ever make it your way can, I'll take it 'al dente'. Marcus: Your sense of kindness is exceeded only by your keeness for punctuation. MaryL: Many, many thanks for the relays, we may still need to keep them up -there are still the boats, and, beside Honduras, there may still be Nicaragua. Carole: Very thankfully, in my case, you're administration of 4 aspirns and a prolonged backrub would do just fine. Herb: Why are you 0412 instead of, say, 0413? Gert: I do hope you just got some well-deserved sleep. Lots in St. Louis: Tell your friends from Cancun, its still safe to come home now. Later, John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com Venture-Out = http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 08:20:00 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture_out@xoommail.com) Subject: :-) Uhhhhhhh. Xoomail is back up and running. There was no signs of abuse or sufficient congestion. It appears that Xoommail didn't deem 50 flashing gizmos were enough, and dicided to add some 50 more. How adorning! (Nothing like shaking the cobwebs in the Palace anyway.) So, while I check today's contents, please know that this xoommail box is available for the receipt and continued sending of ***any*** emails. Later,(and, really, I'm thankful to Xoomail), John Pastore Venture-Out Cancun El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 06:44:30 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture-out@APEXMAIL.COM) Good Moring All, While still waiting for a report from Isla Mujeres' marina, I did meet travelers from Isla on the bus this morning. They told me that the majority of boats there, reached there well before the Hurricane warning. But during the last 5 days of small craft warnings some 10 or 15 may have struggled in. Since 9:30PM last night though, my xoommail address has been inaccesible to me; and Isla had that mailbox to reply to. I am instead getting a "Your Mailbox is Busy -try again Later" reply. I would therefore suggest those looking for lost craft try there as it is the most likely haven for in the northeastern craft to have headed for, for both its harborage which is rare along the rocky coast of Northern Quintana Roo, and its having traditionally been a favored locale by the sailing community for many years. Isla Holbox (west from the tip of Cape Catoche) would be another. Sorry, I have no email addresses. Yesterday's message was relayed by a ferry's captain. Please know that if I recieve ***any*** message to this address (except from either Gert or Herb), I will very regretably be forced to close it down to protect whatever info I have there. If it turns out -though very unlikey- that the other mailbox is being abused, or this one comes under abuse: well, that's been tried before, and I've had a whole country threatened to be cut off from the internet itself -by those who can very legitimately do it. Ci@ for now, John Pastore Cancun, El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx venture-out@apexmail.com Venture-Out = http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 16:00:34 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture_out@xoommail.com) Subject: Again Biding One's Time Hello Everyone, I just finished glancing at the reports coming in from Belize and Honduras since my first chance last night. After those harrowing reports, its really good to know how things are looking up. I hope, at best, the remaining reports go as well, and, at worse, when those locales whose communications were cut, enough of the calvary have been assembled. Take care -all is well here, John Pastore Venture-Out Cancun El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 12:04:20 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture_out@xoommail.com) Subject: Quintana Roo Mitch Update Hello All, Students from the University of Quintana Roo located in Chetumal (on the border with Belize) came into the I- Net locale where I am in Cancun. They assured me that, though, Chetumal and Xcalak recieved alot of wind and water, that not much happened in those locales, that both are normal, and the brunt of the hurricane hit further south into Belize. I would then think it safe to assume that all points North incluing Limon and Mahjual are not having any problems. There was one second-hand report though that an American in his sailboat perished off Xcalak when rescuers were stymied by waves. I have no details however. Take care, John Pastore Venture-Out Cancun El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 07:43:43 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture_out@xoommail.com) Subject: Interest to All Hello All, Early this morning (under fair skies) I sent word to Isla Mujeres to ask the marinas there to foward to me any information regarding boats having found refuge and wish to communicate their disposition. I suspect the same type message will be relayed down the coast. Meantime, those persons who have indicated to me that they have made contact with places down the coast from Cancun, I would appreciate it if you would let me know of the conditions described so as to, hopefully, eliminate them from any immediate concern. If you have email addresses of their marinas, I would appreciate those as well. Information particularly sought includes Limon, Mahjual, Xcalak and Chetumal. I will then consolidate the info and get it to Gert and Herb. Again I implore all to please refrain from sending any posts to me which are do not contribute to the above, or are communicating arrivals to Cancun. Nor will I be able to respond to inviduals seeking particular boats. Hopefully Isla will get to me what they know and I will have no problems getting the info posted. Thank you, John Pastore Venture-Out Cancun El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out "Cauliflour is nothing but cabbage with a college education" -Mark Twain
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 20:02:11 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture_out@xoommail.com) Subject: Dang! Hello Everyone, Having to struggle with the closing of i-nets here, the server congestions, and lack of local news reports, etc., it was only a few minutes ago when I finished seeing the satelite image of the 28th and the reports being published from the Carribbean at any weather site. Allow me to apologize to the gentleman representing the 'government's' relief efforts in Belize. I should have known better with the experience I have meeting the Belizians and their representatives at Mundo Maya conferences. When especially reading of the efforts of the Caymaners to go to the aid of humans in distress, I can no longer but put off concerns expressed regarding the "fighting" reported by Playa del Carmen. The information now is that the Mayan workers from Chiapas had been left stranded and without food for four days in face of the news of the projected hurricane and its consequent weather before blockading the highway demanding shelter and/or bus tickets home. I still don't know if they got either. I think however when I was at the Municipal Palace here two nights ago cutting the red-tape I must have ran into a contingent of their representatives without knowing it. Despite the very pressing problems they were confronting, and the fact that they were at the man's door, when I asked them if they had a cigarette lighter, they dropped everything for about 5 minutes to try and find one. When I thanked them anyway and left to make my own confrontation, they soon chased me down having found some matches. This is how it is here. Persons whom they or their adversaries (the establishement) percieve as not Mexican, such as tourists, are never made involved in their own affairs - quite the contrary. So, for the Europeans who wondered if the people were going to be "friendly": Yes -very much so. It is a very remarkable people who, when denied their homes, livelihoods, common decency and even shelter in the face of a hurricane, will drop everything to find a match for a perfect stranger. Wouldn't you think? You will be very glad you came. Meantime, I will try and find out tommorrow what's happening in Xcalak and Chetumal though I suspect they must be experiencing the same as San Pedro, Belize. Thankfully under fair night skies, goodnight all. John Pastore Venture-Out Cancun El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 08:06:32 -0800 From: John Pastore (venture_out@xoommail.com) Subject: Re: Cancun Mitch Update Hello Everyone, Woke up again to clear, bright skies; and again a rainless, even drizzleness, night. I do suspect hurricane protection to be dismantled today here in Cancun. I will be sending cc's to everyone whose posts I was able to glean and will, in this way, respond to all concerns expressed. If I miss anyone it is not deliberate, and please do feel free to resend your message to this, xoommail, address as there were alot of "failed mail" delivery notices emanating from apexmail with cgi scripting problems. Concerning infrastructure and such. All here is intact and operating normally. None was ever severely threatened. Isla Mujeres: Nightly I have seen its bright lights shining. Ferries ran, and are running, as usual with the possible exception of 3 days ago when only the larger ones were running. There was no evacuation of Isla, and no need for one. Cozumel: I am myself only now learning, for example, how important it is to be precise when making such reports. Unless things changed their since my last vist a year ago, Cozumel's bulkwarks are more like 3' high than 13' high. Cozumel though is 1 hour and 15 minutes south of here by bus, and 45 minutes by fast ferry out to sea, and conditions, thus, could very well have been more turbulent. I suspect its seaward front got some punishment, while its leeward front (where its town is) is back to normal. Playa del Carmen and area: Leeward of Cozumel, I suspect it was protected somewhat and is also back to normal. Further south such as Xcalak, I really do not know but will try and find out later today. Brides-to-Be heading for Cancun. There is nothing happening here now that should deter your plans. For those wishing to direct their relatives to i-net cafes for communications, there are none in the Beach Zone. There is one where I am located (see below), and another good one called Infocel located in Plaza Tropical also located on Avenida Tulum in D'Town, Cancun. For those saying they will be arriving in Cancun, I am located at Plaza Cancun 2000, Upper Floor, Avenida Tulum, D'Town, Cancun at the Internet/Venture-Out locale. Tel: (98) 84-35-91. And, I do look forward to meeting all and everyone of you, and not to proud to say I could use your business. For those saying they'd like to help clean-up. There is nothing to clean-up (as if anyone would let you anyway). You can, however, bring soaps, laundry detergent, little bags of shampoo, corn seed and post-cards of your hometowns. The Maya love such postcards. They will hang them up in their homes and brag to neighbors for years of such 'friends' they have internationally. Again, allow me to direct the attention of those who wish to help southward to, particularly, Swan Island and Honduras' Bay Islands for now. Cheers, John Pastore Venture-Out Cancun El Mayab (The Mayan Homeland), Mx http://members.xoom.com/Venture_Out

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