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Georges - St.Kitts , Nevis and Montserrat

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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 14:53:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Michelle Terrell (mterrbu@bu.edu)
Subject: Nevis

I have just spoken with several people on Nevis (Lornette Hanley at
the Nelson Museum, Belle Vue, Mr. Huggins at the Nevis Gallery
of Art, Charlestown, and David Rollinson in the Morning Star area).
They confirmed that Nevis was not as hard hit as St. Kitts and that
the most damage on Nevis occurred on the northern portion of the

While some folks did lose their roofs or suffer damage to their
homes, the people I spoke with only had water damage.  The island
is still without electricity, although, they have gotten power back in
areas of Charlestown and anticipate getting power to other areas in
the next couple of days.  Lornette said that most folks she knew had
water and David said that they never lost phone.

While there are trees and poles down, and debris on the newly
rebuilt waterfront area, the spirits of Nevisians are high and they
anticipate things getting back to normal in the next couple weeks.

For those of you with travel plans to Nevis, they have temporary air
control on St. Kitts and Nevis, and Nevis Express has begun shuttle
flights between the islands.  There have been reports that American
Eagle will be able to start flights again shortly.

Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:58:44 -0400 From: burkstrand@washpost.com This is NOT from people on the St. Kitts, but thought it might be helpful, anyway. I spoke with members of the St. Kitts mission to the United Nations today who said the airport should be opened Saturday (that American flight are already scheduled to resume then). She also said the Four Seasons on Nevis will be closed until October 31 for clean up. Although the damage is bad, she said, many media reports on the island (and eye-witness accounts) have greatly exaggerated things.
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:52:49 -0400 From: Masonville Library Community Access #2 (tzellas@hotmail.com) Subject: st.kitts Have been in contact with friends since monday afternoon. Most of my friends fared relatively well. sandy point seems to be recovering as well as can be expected, still not able to reach friends on Wingfield Rd in Old Road but have heard they made it through okay. Phones are still down in that area. Have for the most part had remarkably clear phone lines all things considered, no static at all. Much work to be done now even to buildings that made it through okay. In touch with friend in Bird Rock this morning, many shingles gone and it is raining again. Water pouring in, nothing to stop it with. I hope some of the supplies get there soon. (p.s. I sent message earlier in day from masonville library if anyone has any questions for me please reply to this e-mail address as the other will not get any answer. tzellas@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 11:42:12 -0400 From: "Higgins, Bruce W" (bruce.higgins@eds.com) Subject: Details of Conditions on St. Kitts Click on http://www.stkittsnevis.net/update.html for a copy of the Prime Minister's 9/22/98 speech which provides details of conditions on the island.
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:48:26 -0400 From: Masonville Library Community Access #1 (tzellas@hotmail.com) Subject: st. kitts hurricane damage have talked to many of my friends in St. Kitts. Terrible damage in all areas especially in country. Older houses are in most cases standing better than newly constructed ones. My friends in Sandy Point and Old Road seem to be faring okay, no electricity and phones unpredictable at best. Bird Rock hard hit. My friend in Bird Rock tells me there are some villages where almost every house has lost their roof. Everyone feels strongly that this is far worse than Hugo. Frigate Bay area totalled, however somehow the Monkey Bar still stands! Phones are still out in some areas -parts of Old Road being one. Looting is taking place mostly in town. 6 to 6 curfew in effect. Have also heard that Cayon has been hit very hard.
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:35:09 -0400 From: "Weeks, Debbie" (debbie@admin.usf.edu) Subject: St. Kitts A little news from family in St. Kitts this morning - Basseterre. Electricity has been restored to some, if not all, but phone service is still spotty. There is some hope of flights leaving the island today for those trying to get back to the states.
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:51:31 -0400 From: Anne Bennett (annebenn@mail.hurontel.on.ca) Subject: St Kitts No news from yesterday, as I didn't talk to anyone on the island. If you need phone numbers, to try and call realtives...friends, please let me know, as I have a phone book for St Kitts and Nevis avaiable. My flight has been cancelled by Canada 3000 - so I shall have to go at a later date - and as far as I know the airport is still closed until they get the tower up and running.
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:12:42 -0400 From: "Higgins, Bruce W" (bruce.higgins@eds.com) Subject: Conditions on St. Kitts This morning's Washington Post reports "four people were reported dead in tiny St. Kitts in the Leeward Islands, which was hit Sunday. Another two were reported killed on Antigua." "Erasmus Williams, a spokesman for the prime minister of St. Kitts and its sister island Nevis, said in a telephone interview that the damage inflicted on St. Kitts was estimated at $445 million and that 85 percent of all housing on the island had been damaged to varying degrees during the hurricane. Officials said preliminary estimates indicated that one in four of the houses on St. Kitts had been destroyed. Furthermore, St. Kitts's seaport was badly damaged. The island's airport also suffered structural damage, including the control tower. Power was down throughout the island and the main hospital sustained severe damage, its roof and several walls collapsed. Communications with adjoining Nevis were spotty."
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 20:44:07 -0400 (EDT) From: Lorraine LadyLwyr (llewandrowski@webtv.net) Subject: st. kitts just a note to thank you for the caribbean hurricane page service, it was so wonderful to share info and i've since received several mails from people with relatives in st. kitts. my sister reports that she still had no electricty or water, her favorite donkey at the vet school survived even though he was tied outdoors, several animals at the vet school did die, some of the students were down there tending to some of the animals, school was supposed to resume tomorrow on thursday, the new construction at the school held fairly well, there was some damage to some professors offices, but all in all seems to be fairly good. more when i get more information, i've been on the road for a few days , but back to my computer again!!! thanks everyone!!! sincerely, Lorraine at this point, praying for all the other people that Georges may hit until the time that Geoges dies out
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 14:40:18 -0700 From: Troy Buescher (tbuesche@interpath.com) Subject: Nevis update I spoke briefly with my friend in Nevis (9/23-1400 EDT). He said the Northern portion of the island was hardest hit, however water had been restored to his location. No power as of yet, but the airport is open for emergency flights and supplies. He believes the British Navy is operating radar for the airport from one of their ships. He thinks there may be only one boom truck for the entire island and has witnessed many telephone poles being erected by hand.
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 07:26:01 -0400 From: Clover Lea (clover4@geocities.com) Subject: information Monserrat To whom it may concern, Just to let you know that Montserrat was spared the worst of the storm and having gone through the eye of Hugo, this was just a big blow. All our electric, water, cable tv etc. are up and running and the schools are back in session. The storm moved through the Atlantic between Montserrat and Antigua and I would imagine that Antigua got the worst of it. Since I am a videographer, I will be moving through the islands to take a look over the next few days and will report back upon my return.
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 08:35:00 -0400 From: Hubbard (Hubbard@citnet.com) Subject: Georges damage-Nevis I have heard from several people regardings some of Jones Estate. Ridge Road lost several roofs, Hurricane Cove lost some cottages, no water or electric but they can see St Kitts lite up at night.  Hospital lost some roof but is OK.  Charlestown is a mess but not as bad as expected.  Generators on all over.  Many poles down.   Lynne Hubbard Hubbard@citnet.com
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 08:05:01 -0400 From: Anne Bennett (annebenn@mail.hurontel.on.ca) Subject: St Kitts - pm Tuesday evening Have talked to the staff of IPBV in Frigate Bay. Everyone turned up for work yesterday, although their own homes had some damage. Talked to Joyce Issacs - Under Manager of IPBV and she said my condo had sustained major damage - but not beyond repair. Every tree on the complex had gone, as had half the sea wall. The still had no power - water or the basics for repair. Hopefully these would be flown in as soon as the airport was up and running again. Talked to Kate Spenser's husband, at the north end of the island. Dieppe Bay and St Pauls lost a lot of houses, but the Kittitans, being the people they are, were fitting their homes back together like a jig-saw puzzle. His boats were still in the water...the right way up, and that the eye had not passed over the north end....just the south end. The Spirit of St Kitts was sunk. The spirit of the people hasn't. Three death were reported - a family crossing the ghut were washed away. Hopefully, when communications are better, the full extent of the damage will come out, and that the Government will call for emergency help with building materials and basic supplies. Two Royal Navy ships are in the deep water harbour, and helping out. I will be in St Kitts - airport willing - on October 5th, to help with the clean up. Just pray that help will be quickly on it's way.
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 23:13:42 +0100 From: DAVID BELL (david.bell1@diamond.co.uk) Subject: Hurricane Georges - St. Kitts We had a telephone call from our daughter at 16.00GMT saying that they were OK and that the Navy were helping with relief operations. David Bell
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 17:39:03 -0400 From: "Higgins, Bruce W" (bruce.higgins@eds.com) Subject: Life on St. Kitts Spoke with Vet2B a short time ago. He was able to get out and about the island for a time today; power lines down and debris everywhere. Boats stacked up against the buildings along Bay Road; the storm surge obviously was up to/over the buildings on the road. No evidence of power anywhere. Some limited water availability; Frigate Bay area has some. RAM's Grocery Store was open and doing a brisk business in water and ready-to-eat foods. Some phone service, including local-to-local service, was available. Ross University seemed to suffer moderate damage; broken windows, etc. Student Union building seems to have fared the worst. School is closed until Thursday; most folks seem to doubt classes could resume then, what with no power and many students facing damaged/uninhabitable housing. Time will tell. Spirits seem pretty good. Local residents, as well as visitors and Ross students, are pulling together to make the most of an extremely difficult situation.
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 15:32:20 -0600 From: Lisa Sorokan, Calgary, AB. (monkie@home.com) Subject: St. Kitts I just spoke with St. Kitts a short while ago, and managed to get an excellent telephone connection. My friends believe they were the only ones who live in what I think is the Frigate Bay area (I know they are in the narrowest part of the island) who did not vacate the area to higher ground. Their main concern in this area was of course waves coming in, but this was not a huge problem for them. While their roof was not blown off, many shingles were ripped off, and tiles came crashing through the windows. (About four or five windows broke.) The bathroom proved to be the safest place and is where they retreated for about five hours during the worst of it. The island is, of course, a mess, but they survived uninjured. People up on higher ground seem to have suffered stronger winds. They are still without power, but say that the Italian restaurant down the way was cooking food and chilling beer. My friend was out when I called, so I spoke with houseguest Andrew, visiting from Vancouver. He was supposed to return home on Friday, but apparently, the airport has been destroyed, so he expects to be delayed. As far as an extended vacation goes, it doesn't sound as though its much to look forward to, as the beach area is all muddy and full of seaweed, which is only attracting many mosquitoes and flies.

[Tue, 22 Sep 1998 15:55EDT] - Elliot Howard forwarded me the following information:

     Via my dad; about my sister, a vet student on St. Kitts:

     "Did you hear, Shelly has no water, no telephone, no electric, her
     glass door  is shattered, her roof blew away and her things got wet.
     Her and her cats are
     alright except for this."

[Tue, 22 Sep 1998 14:59EDT] - Bruce Higgins forwarded me the following information:

     At 2:22 pm EDT, AP reports "Three deaths. As many as 70 percent of homes
     damaged. Winds tore roof off St. Kitts' main hospital, some police
     stations, supermarkets and schools. Severe damage to airport's control
     tower. Both islands are without electricity. "

[Tue, 22 Sep 1998 11:55EDT] - Dawn Efron reporting on Nevis:

     I spoke with my boyfriend Richard Lupinacci, Jr. of the Hermitage Inn
     late last evening.  The island is faring well after hurricane Georges.
     Despite 110 mile per hour winds there was very minimal structural damage
     to the island.  Phone lines, electricity and water on the island is touch
     and go, but there were no reported casualties.  The Hermitage itself is
     fine and will be hosting a Post Hurricane Pig Roast this Friday night to
     celebrate the island's good fortune.

     Please pass the word along that all is fine in Nevis.  There has been
     scant little information available here in the states about the
     post-Georges condition of the island.  Posting this information on your
     web site would put many friends and family members off-island at ease.

[Tue, 22 Sep 1998 11:37EDT] - Troy Buescher reporting on Nevis:

     I spoke with a friend in Nevis who lives near "The Potworks".  He was
     able to call out, but has no power and sustained some flooding and
     structural damage (to brand new roof!).  He has had no communication
     with the rest of the island.

[Tue, 22 Sep 1998 10:37EDT] - Bruce Higgins reporting on St.Kitts:

     Spoke to my son, a Ross Vet student, last PM.  Sunday PM/Monday AM was
     most terrifying.  Howling wind, driving rain.  Eye passed right over
     island. Lots of damage, roofs gone, flooding in Frigate Bay, some few
     reports of looting.  Power and water not available.  Phone service VERY
     erratic. Lots of static, crossed wires, ring throughs, etc.

     AP reports this AM :" One death was reported in St. Kitts, where 70
     percent of homes were damaged, as were the hospital, airport and police
     station. A curfew was in effect there to prevent looting, said
     government spokesman Erasmus Williams."

[Tue, 22 Sep 1998 06:35EDT] - Anne Bennett reporting on St.Kitts:

     I am an owner of a condominium in the Frigate Bay area, so spent
     yesterday evening on the phone to the Manager of Island Paradise Beach
     Village.  She told me that the Frigate Bay area is devistated.  The
     Horizon Villas at the top of the hill were badly damaged,and that the
     Restaurant had gone.  The Hurricane came from the Caribbean side.  The
     managed to struggle down there from where she lives on Monkey Hill, to
     find 18 of the twenty buildings of Island Paradise had been badly
     damaged - mine included.  More important to the physical damage was that
     as far as she knew, no one was hurt.  BUT she couldn't contact any of
     her staff.  We did that for her from Canada - for those who had phones
     and reported back to her - from Canada - that at least two others we OK.

     She also reported that there was no plywood for repairs to be had, and
     the extent of the damage was more than she or her staff could possibly
     manage.  I talked to another friend down there, and she confirmed.  If
     anyone has a vacation booked for this winter, they should check with
     what is going on.

     The telephones are working from out side the country, but not within the
     country, nor could they make calls to the outside.  I had already booked
     a flight down for October 5th - and will still be going -to see where I
     can help, be it at the Condo Complex or out in the villages.  I am
     amazed at the lack of press coverage, but I suppose when the Clinton
     scandle dies down, we may see a little more of what has been going on in
     that area of the Leeward Islands.  Help is badly needed in some form, so
     that the electricty is turned on - that the water is working again, but
     knowing the Kittitians as I do, I am sure that they will survive.

     I would think the information that I got is the same for a lot of
     islands in that vicinity.

[Mon, 21 Sep 1998 12:26EDT] - Linda Crown reporting on St.Kitts:

     Have been in telephone contact with friends and family on the island of St.
     Kitts.  Phones are definately out in Bird Rock, Frigate Bay, but some areas
     still operational.   Port Zante has been severly damaged, many many roofs
     off, including Public Works and mega water damage.  Utility poles and trees
     in New Pond Site have toppled.  So far no reports of injuries.  Wind and
     rain continues but, seems to be slacking somewhat.  Current and cable out
     for entire island.  Canadian Tourists from TO Charter plane still on
     island.  No word as yet from Nevis.  All in all, the island was badly hit
     but so far the locals we have spoken too are breathing collective sighs of
     relief to have come through relatively intact.  Until they can venture out
     of homes and establish contact with other areas of the island there is
     really no way to assess extent of losses beyond their own yard.

[Mon, 21 Sep 1998 06:49EDT] - Lorraine LadyLwyr reporting on St.Kitts:

     6:30 AM EST, Monday morning, just got off phone with sister in West Farm
     St. Kitts. Winds were still howling, water had been forced under the
     doors into the floor of her apartment, a quick look outside and she sees
     that the sheep house is standing, but the door is ripped off.  She
     thinks the sheep are huddled inside. the phone cut out while we were
     talking and I could not get it to reconnect. from the US, Lorraine

[Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:55EDT] - Lorraine LadyLwyr reporting on St.Kitts:

     4:30 AM EST, and just phoned my sister, noreen again, she lives in West
     Farm, outside of Basseterre, st. kitts. experienced high winds a little
     while ago, now was calmer but raining hard, she was not sure what phase
     the storm was at, but phone service was still on. from the US. Lorraine

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 23:49EDT] - Lorraine LadyLwyr reporting on St.Kitts:

     just got off the phone with my sister in st. kitts.  it is about
     midnight, and she can still hear the crickets singing.  she is a vet
     student there, and she hopes her professors Dr and Mrs. Smith are not on
     their boat!  praying for safety of every person in the caribbean.  from
     the U.S., Lorraine

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 23:28EDT] - Trevor A. Phipps reporting from St.Kitts:

     Basseterre, St. Kitts 11:30 pm
     It is definitely getting closer...........COuld actually hear the wind
     howling/whistling in the trees....
     No rainfall as yet...Just increasingly strong gusts of wind...

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 15:12EDT] - Mike and Beth Smith reporting from their boat "Justin's Odyssey" at St.Kitts:

     Everyone pretty much all in and done.  Waiting.  Veterinary students
     advised on what to do and when to do it.  Answered a couple of emails
     from people who use the Caribbean Home page to see conditions here,
     which currently are beautiful--clear, quiet, but we can see the edges of
     it to the east.  should be here in force in twelve hours.

     Waiting,  Mike and Beth Smith  "Justin's Odyssey"

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 12:57EDT] - Trevor A. Phipps reporting from St.Kitts:

     Most people on St. Kitts have already boarded up their properties. All
     supermarkets and hardware stores are now closed, some were opened up
     until about 12:30 this morning.
     Sea water is dead calm, sun is still shining, the air is very still and
     an uneasy warmth can be felt in the air.
     Most people are simply waiting right now.
     Will try and keep you posted....

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