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Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update

Monday in the BVI

Published: Mon, Jan 11 15:04 EST
By DearMissMermaid at aol.com

82 degrees with 7 mph winds, just a great day to be in paradise.
   Readers have sent in a variety of questions and Dear Miss Mermaid answers them here for all to enjoy.   
What is the proper pronounciation of Jost Van Dyke?
       Yost Van Dike is the proper pronounciation, or I prefer  Yost Van YIKES!  and my friend calls it Goats Van Dyke.  THe Y is correct, it rolls off your tongue with just a hint of a J.
How do you pronouce Cay?
       All the Cays here are pronouced like Keys.
Is Roadtown the main town on Tortolla?
       Yes. Tortola is spelled with one L and Road Town is two words.
Is liming something in my drink?
       Limin' means to laze about or go out on the town.
Any pointers to understanding the local lingo?
       H's are usually silent in the West Indies, so you have One, Two, TREE (3) and anthrax in the BVI is called AmTrax (no kidding, they ignore the H and add the M.
       When you arrive you say "I reach, mon"  if you are shopping the clerk may ask "You getting true?" which means "are you finding your stuff or do you need help?"  The H is silent in THROUGH so it sounds like TRUE.
       If you plan to come back soon, you say "I go to come back, mon".  This can mean 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 years.
       There are no rocks or stones in the islands, only stone-rock.
       The colorful mushrooms grown in the mountains are called 'shrooms.
       Sandals are called "slippers".
       The electric power is referred to as "da current".
       A cheery Good Morning or Good Afternoon is always welcomed and expected.  Good night means hello not good bye.
Islanders never say good bye, cause they gone to come back.
Government hires Canadian firm for new Peebles Hospital
BVI News Online
BY BVI Correspondent Government has retained the services of InterHealth Canada Limited, an established international health care organization, ...
Callaloo Poets 1st 2010 'Open Mic' on Saturday, January 16, 2010
BVI News Online
BY Admin-BVI The Callaloo Poets' first 'open mic' for 2010 is scheduled for Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 7pm at Mellow Moods. The theme is 'Rhythms of New ...
BVI Sailing: Experience The Virgin Gorda With a BVI Charter ...
By koolsatya007
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is nothing less than Paradise on Earth, and Barecat BVI charters can help you experience the intimate resorts, inns, and villas the BVI have to offer. Sail into the Virgin Gorda “Baths”, ...
BVI Sailing: Experience The Virgin Gorda With a BVI Charter ...
By koolsatya007
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is nothing less than Paradise on Earth, and Barecat BVI charters can help you experience the intimate resorts, inns, and villas the BVI have to offer. Sail into the Virgin Gorda “Baths”, ...
Semantic Bay - Submit Articles... - http://www.semanticbay.com/
Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update [Fri, Jan 8 09:19 EST ...
By admin
... landbase of 1.37 acres on adjacent Tortola . The main house on Buck Island was completed in the summer of 2006 incorporating finishes to the highest standard. … View post: Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update [Fri, Jan 8 09:19 EST] ...
Cruise News, Information, Booking,... - http://www.cruisenewsnet.com/
China Ceramics reported Q3 2009 financial results for its BVI ...
By admin
China Ceramics Co., Ltd., the BVI-based manufacturer of ceramic tiles for residential and commercial buildings, announced the unaudited financial results for its BVI-registered subsidiary Success Winner Limited for the third quarter ...
BVI Company Financial News - http://bvi-company-financials.bviincorporation.com/
Brandon Scheid - Kiteboarding and Surfing: Real Watersports BVI Trip
By Brandon Scheid
I depart Tuesday morning for Real's 5th annual BVI Trip. I leave Grand Rapids at 6 am and I arrive in Tortola later that evening. We will be joined by The whole Real crew: Jason Slezak, Captain Sammy Bell, Matt, Trip, ...
Brandon Scheid - Kiteboarding... - http://brandonscheid.blogspot.com/
The Santa Fe Review » Road Town
By admin
We called a taxi for a trip to Road Town, the capital of the British Virgin Islands. When we told the driver our destination, he assumed we wanted to go shopping. Sixty-seven acres of the old harbor have been filled in, paved over, ...
Sailing Log of the Independence: Happy New Year
By Pat Stoeken of s/v Independence
We Virgin Island sailors are spoiled by the steady easterly trade winds, usually a little north of east in the winter and a little south of east in the summer. This Christmas season we have had gorgeous surfing waves out of the north and ... Christmas Cove on Great St.James has always been a great snorkle stop and the water has been so clear this holiday season that we have stopped there almost every day. The rays, turtles and starfish have kept our guests company in the ...
Brunei News, Brunei Headlines from Brunei fm
BRADES (MONTSERRAT), Jan 10 (NNN-CMC) — Scientists monitoring the Soufriere Hills Volcano Friday reported that a ?large pyroclastic flow? of hot rock, ...
Souffriere experiences biggest eruption yet : Kaieteur News
By KNews
The Souffriere volcano on Montserrat began acting up again last September and Friday was the worst eruption since then. People on the island described the venting as the largest for the Souffriere Volcano since this recent spell of ...
Shore Patrol: Coastal upgrades could be on the way
Long Beach Press-Telegram
It will bring in a flood of visitors, the BVI owners believe. Boat owners anchored at the moorings also would need the docking features to get on the pier ...
Tourist Attacked & Robbed 
Platinum News Online
Police are investigating an attack and robbery committed on a tourist Tuesday evening while vacationing in the BVI. Information which is sketchy indicates ...
New CGB Police Station For Handing Over Next Week
Platinum News Online
Melville Rhymer told BVI Platinum News that the building has been completed with just some minor painting to be done, "so by early next week they will have ...
Luxury Travel Magazine
Little Dix Bay Launches Caribbean Lobster Festivals
Luxury Travel Magazine
The beachfront resort on Virgin Gorda, BVI, ranked #1 in the Caribbean by Harper's Hideaway Report in 2008, has launched a season-long series of monthly ...
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